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My newest line is LUTEX design, hospitality made to order soft goods and seating products. Lutex Design is a Montreal based manufacturer and distributor of window treatments, furnishings, and accessories for the Hospitality Industry. Established in 1995, the company began solely committed to the commercial industry focusing and delivering soft and hard window coverings and bedding industries. Dedicated to the quality and comfort of their clients with custom products geared for each project. Lutex provides drapery, roller shades, bedding, beds, armchairs, chairs, bar stool, tables, planters, banquettes, sofas, and much more. All are developed and customized to clients’ design and requirements.

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MOVIS is a collection of acoustic solutions to address sound.  Products include sculptural shapes (circles, leaves, squares) that are mounted to walls or ceilings.  Full size templates indicate placement of brackets (in varying lengths and with varying angles) that allow a floating effect of these sculptural, sound-absorbing shapes.   Functional art!  Complete with a .50 NRC (noise reduction coefficient).  The newest introductions are light pictures and LED fixtures.  Allow eight weeks for products to arrive from Europe.

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SpanCraft. Designers must contemplate durable and cleanable surfaces for current COVID-19 concerns.

Consider this versatile finish oriented line,, a great source of antique mirror, colored mirror, glass table tops, and back-painted glass.  All tops, tiles and sheets are stocked in New York, with dedicated trucks on the East Coast, product is quickly available, has strength and sparkle – all at a low price.

Any project would benefit from glass; a unique way to brighten space; and durable. These materials are easy to clean and maintain..






WOODTECH is an American furniture manufacturer based in Oakland CA; WOODTECH is minority-owned, USA made products, and in business since 1994.  The 100,000 SF plant is 100% solar power driven;  all new wood is FSC certified, and we can make anything.  Our specialties include tables, desks, reception units, wall panels and other ancillary items.

Lead-times are 7 weeks after drawing approval.

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