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Movis designer, Petra Seebauer is shown in her Berlin studio.  With input on your project’s acoustic concerns, and understanding the area SF and number of employees, Petra can help engineer and guide any acoustic project with the Movis products.


Movis designer, Petra Seebauer is available for acoustic design consults. 

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Art meets Function

MOVIS wall elements create distinctive spaces and provide acoustic function as art shapes constructed of sound-absorbing material.

Elements can be positioned at any angle and depth.  These wall-mounted art elements are constructed of certified sound-absorbing materials, and are fire resistant as well. 

The MOVIS shapes include circles (MOVIS dots), ellipses (called leaves), and squares (cubes).  The models are light, and have a floating effect.  elements are single color, through-body construction material made up of 100% sound absorbing polyester.  The element front can be printed with a contrasting color to create more layers and additional color depth. 

Once installed, a multi-layer effect of color, shade, and shadow is observed - and can change, depending on lighting and the angle viewed.  Each installation has its own liveliness, vitality, and impact.  Elements can easily be moved and adjusted after the initial installation.   

The newest acoustical product is the Sunset model and the Light Sail collection.

The LED light reflects light in multiple directions and the polyester absorbent material addresses sound in the space. 

All MOVIS art elements will bring dynamism to your space.  The result is a customized and distinctive spatial concept which offers any space creative interest and improved acoustics!

MOVIS groupings can be configured at our website by utilizing the site’s configurator

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